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opportunities, and gain skills essential for pursuing trades and

callings which are more remunerative.

The hamlet is part of Dibbaguddl Vaiasa Pancfiayat

(8th ward) : Moyyi Angiramma is the nominated woman

Member, and Hanuroanthu Subbayya Is the elected Member,

Moyyi Ramulu is the Vice-President of the Co-operative Credit

Society. They should use their positions to influence these bodies,

and to get their assistance for the uplift of these tribals.

The Government extends all sorts of help to tribals :  bat

such help they can get if they first help themselves.

Without forsaking their traditional customs and culture,

they should leara to take the assistance of voluntary agencies,

banks, and government departments to raise their productivity

income, to diversify their occupations,  and   to sec that all abel-

bodied persons are gainfully employed and the old and sick

care of.

Just as the Gadabas have to learn much, they have also

much to teach the people of the plains.

Firstly, they can teach us much to reiie\e us of the

dowry evil, Gadaba parents do not bother at al! to fiod suitable

bride grooms. Instead, it is the youngtnen who run after and

pursue ladies seeking their hand. And when this reaches the ear

of the girl's parent, the parent demands bride money. He knows

the boy Is In love; he would pay any amount. Until the bride

money Is paid first, the girPs father doss not relent. And thus lie

succeeds. His sagacity lies in waiting, for an indefinite time, until

a suitable match fructifies.

Secondly, Gadaba parents are tolerant towards their

children's amourous adventures, and give them wide scope to

choose their life-partner. All marriages are love-marriages. The

couple come to an understanding first. They may sometimes elope

together. The parents view their ranks with philosophical tolera-

tion : give their consent, irrespective of their personal feelings,

and performs marriage as per the young people's wishes. This is

enlightened way of performing marriage which we can profitably

leara from the Gadabas.

Thirdly, the Gadabas have found a simple solution to the

viles of matrimonial maladjustments. When there Is a raaladjust-